The New Perodua Alza Before and then After

Here's the new Perodua Alza, looking very nice, exciting even, and to many, very much a desirable piece of affordable motoring convenience. Like many, you'd wanna get one off the showroom.

Have a good look at it now before you scroll down further.

That's what you normally see of the Perodua Alza on the road and in the showrooms. Sometimes you see them zipping along driving by hell-driven women. Sometimes they're driven by people who hog the lane talking on the cell phone. 
But what you don't see is what the Alza could look like if it were rammed from the back by a Volvo V50 Estate at around 110kmh. 
On February 5 2010 at around 12:20pm, motorists on the KESAS Highway bore witness to a completely different looking Perodua Alza.
Here...have a look.
Scroll down further but be prepared for what you're about to see...

The driver and her occupants died immediately on impact.

The length of the Alza is around 2.5 metres. After this impact from the rear, it measured 1.2 metres.
See glimpses of the licence plate? That was where the impact was felt most. I'd leave the rest to your imagination.
It might be a good idea to send this to the Perodua management and ask them what they would say to the safety aspects of the Alza. 


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