Editor Web Ikhwanul Muslimin: Revolusi Mesir Revolusi Rakyat, Tiada Agenda Islam

Khaled Hamza

Ikhwanweb: Egypt’s Revolution Is A People’s Revolution And Has No Islamic Agenda

Ikhwanweb: The Muslim Brotherhood’s official English website's chief editor Khaled Hamza  has stated that the current uprising in Egypt is a revolution of the Egyptian people and is by no means linked to any Islamic tendencies despite allegations nor can it be described as Islamic.
Hamza stressed that the revolution is a peaceful one which calls solely for reform and a democratic civil state initiated by youths through the social networking service Facebook away from any Islamist groups.

He criticized allegations and reiterations by some countries that the uprising was Islamic and denounced claims by the Iranian Supreme Leader Mr. Khamenai that this was a sign of an Islamic Awakening inspired by the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Hamza maintained that The Egyptian protests are not an 'Islamic' uprising, but a mass protest against an unjust, autocratic regime which includes Egyptians from all walks of life all religions and all sects.

In a related note the elected President of the National Council of Resistance in Iran Maryam Rajavi denounced the attempts by Khamenai to attribute Egypt’s uprising to Iran describing it as a desperate attempt to advocate support fundamentalism and terrorism, describing them as the worst enemy of Islam and Muslims adding “The day will come when they will be forced to let go of the name of Islam”.

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