Horses' Mouths - Rengekan Dara Suci Ketuanan Terlampau

KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 3: Ummi Hafilda, the woman instrumental in the first sodomy accusations against then deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, may not ring a bell to Malaysians who were too young during the tumultous years of 1998-99.

Recently, the lady who once confessed to falling for Anwar, has been recruited to campaign for Barisan Nasional, a move warmly welcome by BN's Merlimau candidate, Roslan Ahmad, who said:  "I am proud of Ummi Hafilda. I have met her a few times before and look forward to meeting her more in the future."

To most Malaysians, the sister of none other than PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and well known television personality Azwan Ali never fails to amuse them with her vile attacks against Anwar often spiced with obscenities. Of late, she has also focused on PAS Murshidul Am, Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, calling him a turbaned communist.

Brandishing documents and police reports, Ummi and former PKR Youth chief Ezam Nor have both striking similarities in their attacks on Anwar Ibrahim

Here are some of her statements which we compiled from different sources, during her anti-Pakatan Rakyat campaign in Merlimau.

I'm back
After 13 years of keeping silent, I have been so patient.... but my patience has limit and I'm back to expose the secrets of Anwar Ibrahim

War against Anwar
For my nation, religion and people, I've come back to do war against Anwar. Don't let this country go to the Jews.

In the name of Mahathir and Musa
I am also here to clear the name of our statesman, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and former police chief Musa Hassan.

Anwar the Danger Man
This is because Anwar Ibrahim is very dangerous and we should not allow him to sell our country to the Jews.

Sue me
If I am lying, then I dare Shamsidar [Azmin's wife], Anwar and Azmin to sue to me.. If it were true I'm after money and fame, why then did I wait 13 years?

All for my race, country and religion
When Tun Dr Mahathir asked me if I was willing to appear as a witness. I remember replying to him that I would for my race, country and religion.

To hell with my brother
I would like to declare tonight that I am willing to lose a brother rather than destroy the 27 million of our people.

I was tortured
They sent 50 police officers, some masked, in a black maria with a loud hailer to my friend's house, where I was staying, calling me to come out. I refused and called my mother, asking her to pray for me... by the grace of God, the door couldn't be opened. The light strike force then entered through the roof, scaring my friend's young children who were screaming in terror.

Tears in the doctor's eyes
I did not shed a single tear when being tortured. Later, when I met with Dr Mahathir, his eyes were brimming with tears when I told him that everything was true. I asked him why he set the police on me and he very cutely said, "Saya tak tau (I didn't know)". That was how we were all so obsessed with Anwar.

Thank you Musa
Malaysians should be thankful of former police chief Musa Hassan who investigated Anwar despite facing restrictions, but who nevertheless uncovered evidence of Anwar's alleged wrongdoings.

Nik Aziz the turbaned communist
If Nik Aziz became PM instead of Dr Mahathir, what would he be able to do, him with a face like that communist Chin Peng and that basket of a turban? Can he speak to former US state secretary Madeline Albright?

Pissing party
PKR is the People's Piss Party. In 2011, I call on all of you, let's piss on Anwar.



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dia ni dah tak berduit sangat kut...
sanggup buat apa saja....

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