Rosmah Kantoi Lagi.. Shopping BRACELET USD$55,000.00 !!!

Gambar Rosmah disebuah kedai permata di Beijing, China pada tahun 2009.

Menurut jurujual kedai barang kemas itu, Rosmah Mansor dikatakan telah membeli Bracelet bernilai USD$55,000.00 dan gambar Rosmah diletakkan di dinding kedai tersebut.


I was in Beijing on 16th for a meeting at the Shangri-la Hotel, Zizhuyuan Road, Beijing and walked into a pearl shop at the hotel foyer with a friend who wanted to buy a bracelet for his wife. He picked up this beautiful diamond bracelet only to find out that it cost US$55,000. The sales girl then pointed us towards a photo on the wall and said that the President's wife bought the same bracelet. And it was none other than Rosmah.

By Ah Cheong

Source: Malaysia Today


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