Pilgrimage to Mecca in 1953 - a very rare picture of a U.S. magazine

Contains more than 30 pictures a very rare and the report is taken from the magazine Nascinal Giograve of America, which was published in the month of July 1953. The report talks about the pilgrimage in 1372 and lens photographs were taken a Muslim student named Sheikh Abdul Ghafoor of Pakistani origin, which works with his father, South Africa, his father sent him to study business administration at Harvard University America. Ghafour went to the headquarters of the magazine in Washington DC and tell them he was going to Mecca to perform the Hajj pilgrimage and photography to print in a number of issues of the magazine and the definition of the world.

Western rituals of Islam, the holy and approved magazine and gave him two cameras Mlontin and returned them to wonderful images presented in that number.

So it has been withdrawn from the magazine Nevshaalte taken by the photographer at the Hajj in 1372 AH 1953.

Magazine cover

Started in Arab attire stands at a checkpoint between Mecca and Medina


Pilgrims descend a flight from Beirut

Arrivals by sea transport

A snapshot of the President of the Egyptian delegation to the pilgrimage with his grandfather was governor, the mayor called a Prince Abdulrahman mso God's mercy

Haj write a letter to his family

Coca-Cola McCann, her competitor on those days

Hovoa boy on the right who see McCann with Coca-Old Bottle busy taking unnecessary Alkchkp image

People imagine and joyous men and mascara on his refrigerator and the shouting

Started by the western fatigues when Seller sacrifice

Of course, these are means of delivery of meat on a portable baskets of Al_khasv

In conclusion, we see Prince Faisal, foreign minister God's mercy review with the photographer, Haji Abdul Ghafoor Sheikh slides

The two met in New York City when he was Prince Faisal to head the Saudi delegation to the United Nations

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