Suara sumbang Tok Demam di Turki...

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Pemimpin Libya Muammar Gaddafi tidak sepatutnya menggunakan kekerasan ke atas rakyat yang menunjuk perasaan di jalanan sehingga menyebabkan pertumpahan darah, kata Tok Demam kepada AFP di Istanbul, Turki.

Libyan leader should not use violence, Malaysian PM says

ISTANBUL — Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi should not use violence against protestors who have been on streets for days in a bloody uprising against the regime, said Malaysian Prime Minister Wednesday.

"We believe that he should not use violence," Najib Razak told AFP in Istanbul.

"What is important for us is to take into account the aspirations of people...The system should be legitimate, it has to be based on support of people", did he add.

People are giving "a clear sign of their demand for change and reform" in Arab and north African countries, and governments will have to take heed of that, said the prime minister of the mainly Muslim southeastern Asian country.

"The constitutional and political reforms that would be effective should be able to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of people, particularly the young people", said Razak.

Razak said the change in the region should be peaceful and he called both protestors and government forces to not use violence.

The prime minister said he has no concerns that Malaysia risks of a possible uprising. He said the elections in his country are "quite free and fair" and the government support is in increase.

Malaysia lately made some arrangements to evacuate its 190 citizens in Libya.

Libyan embassy staff in Malaysia on Tuesday condemned the "massacre" of anti-government protesters and said they are no longer loyal to embattled leader Kadhafi.


Apa bezanya kekejaman seperti tertera didalam video ini dengan regim Ghaddafi...

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