Parents, have you seen this killer babysitter?

Ex-babysitter who tortured baby animals 

Parents warned about hiring animal abuse convict 

  • Chow Xiao Wei, 20-year-old pro wrestling fan
  • Caught by police for flinging, mashing and stomping kittens to death
  • Quit her job after getting death threats on Facebook
  • Worked as babysitter in the past, may be dangerous to toddlers in future
Serial killer tendencies

According to the FBI, serial killers start out by torturing small animals before progressing to killing babies, teenagers and adults. Chow Siao Wei, a Malaysian sociopath who was recently caught for torturing kittens to death, was well known to residents in her Serdang neighbourhood. A loner who kept to herself, she was a babysitter before becoming a promoter in a nearby mall. Now the public is concerned if her psychotic behaviour will result in child kidnapping and child murder if she is not sentenced to jail for her part in butchering kittens.

Warning: graphic video of Chow Xiao Wei's brutality

 The mayhem begins: Chow uses an umbrella to corner a kitten in this alley.

 She looks around first to make sure no one is watching.
kill3.jpg First victim: Chow swings the umbrella down on the kitten's head.

 Motherly concern: A female cat, sensing danger, rushes out to protect her baby.
kill5.jpg Chow swings the umbrella violently to stop the adult cat from approaching.
kill6.jpg Injured and helpless: the terrified kitten screams as Chow kicks it further into the dark alley.

 Extended beatings: Hidden by a wall, Chow smashes the kitten's head until it cracks.

 Fresh meat: Chow goes back to the street to stab the dead kitten's sibling.
kill9.jpg Mother's anguish: The female cat rushes out to try to save her baby again.
 Chow uses her umbrella to hit the mother cat when she refuses to run.

 Chow then tries to stab through the kitten's body as it lies bleeding in the gutter.

 Fatally wounded: the dying kitten, struggling to breathe, is pulled up from the ground.


 Caught on camera: When she realised it was on film, she sought police protection against death threats.

 In an attempt to soften her public image, Chow was made to wear a more 'feminine' blouse and ditch her usual baseball cap.   

 Surrounded by angry protestors, Chow Xiao Wei and her mother meet enforcement officers.

 The real image: Chow Xiao Wei before she was advised to look more 'feminine' for the press conference.

 A bully who likes to watch violent sports like pro-wrestling, Chow claims the kittens were already dead. 



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