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Global Bersih 2.0

Bersih 2.0 is a Global Event with Malaysians from almost every corner of the world standing up in support of the March. This is an outpouring of patriotism and passion that Malaysians of the diaspora are often accused of lacking. Global Bersih 2.0 can put that notion to rest.

No doubt there are many overseas Malaysians who are just not interested in "politics" as they term it. But we can find just as many of these indifferent ones right here at home. They only want to be allowed to earn their income and live their lives undisturbed. They expect others to take care of the stability or otherwise around them.

There are also many who are afraid. Mostly they are students, ever fearful of their JPA scholarships being withdrawn. This too is not any different from the local scene where some government servants and pensioners worry about their income being affected.

But what stands out brilliantly is that many overseas Malaysians are concerned enough about what is happening at home that they feel compelled to do something about it. Many of the event organisers are rookies, never even having attended any such event before. But they boldly stepped forward and. taking the advice offered to them, have successfully organised events at their locations. Kudos to them. These are all Malaysians who want to come home. They want to come home to a land of peace, justice and fair opportunity for all.

The Global Bersih 2.0 FaceBook Page is here
These are the 21 participating cities. The sun will not set on Bersih 2.0!

UTC + 12 - New Zealand
UTC + 10 - Canberra, Australia
UTC + 10 - Sydney, Australia
UTC + 10 - Melbourne, Australia
UTC + 10 - Adelaide, Australia
UTC + 09 - Osaka, Japan
UTC + 09 - Seoul, Korea
UTC + 08 - Manila, Philippines - URL pending
UTC + 08 - Perth, Australia
UTC + 08 - Taipei, Taiwan
UTC + 08 - Hong Kong
UTC + 08 - Singapore
UTC + 07 - Bangkok, Thailand
UTC + 09 - Jakarta, Indonesia - URL pending
UTC + 01 - Paris, France
UTC + 00 - United Kingdom
UTC - 04 - Ottawa, Canada
UTC - 04 - New York City
UTC - 04 - Washington DC, USA
UTC - 07 - San Francisco, USA
UTC - 07 - Los Angeles, USA

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