35 facts about Dr M that you need to know

1.   Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamed’s real name is Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty. He was born Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty and named Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty @Mahathir Mohamed.
2.   Dr Mahathir was born on December 20, 1925, in Alor Star, the capital of the northern state of Kedah.
3.   Dr Mahathir started life NOT as a Malay but a Malayali(Mamak) the people of Kerala in south INDIA, where his father (Iskandar Kutty) came from.

Kerala, India Homeland of Dr. Mahathir's fore-fathers
4.   His father (Iskandar Kutty) was a school teacher of Indian origin, specifically Malayalee (Mamak) (people who speak Malayalam, not to be confused with Malay)
5.   His father (Iskandar Kutty) (a Mamak) migrated from the southern state of Kerala, India, while his mother (Wan Tampawan) a Kedah-born, was a Malay.
6.   Despite being only half Malay and having acknowledged his Indian heritage, Dr Mahathir generally considers himself to be Malay, and is known for the use of fiery rhetoric designed to invoke feelings of Malay nationalism, i.e. the term Ketuanan Melayu, or “Malay Supremacy/Lordship.
7.   At university in Singapore, Dr Mahathir was listed as an INDIAN.
8.   Dr Mahathir had kept hidden his little secret – that he is an Indian Muslim (Mamak).
9.   Dr Mahathir has been quick to promote himself as the embodiment of “Asian” identity and values, with diatribes against the west, usually couched in racial terms. Yet, despite his trumpeting of Asian identity, Dr Mahathir appears ASHAMED to admit his Indian heritage.
10.    ‘In his new book, A New Deal for Asia, he writes about his father in such a way as to imply that he was a Malay dedicated to the improvement of his fellow Malays rather than the hard-working Indian immigrant and government servant that he was. No mention of Dr Mahathir’s Indian Muslim background ever appears in the media. The subject is taboo. -Philip Bowring
11.  Dr Mahathir is the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, which he held for 22 years. From 16 July 1981 – 31 October 2003
12.  Dr Mahathir is Malaysia and Asia’s longest serving Prime Minister.
13.  Dr Mahathir’s political involvement is filled with events and significance where he started being active in 1945. He joined the Umno in 1946.
14.  Dr Mahathir was first elected into the Parliament in the 1964 general elections via the Kota Setar Selatan seat with more than 60% majority votes. The following elections (1969) saw him losing the seat by 989 votes after declaring that he did not need to win through Chinese votes.
15.  Following the race riots of 13 May 1969, Dr Mahathir wrote a letter, (which was widely distributed) to the then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, criticizing the manner in which Tunku Abdul Rahman had handled the country’s administration favoring the ethnic Chinese. For doing that, he was expelled from Umno.
16.    Some of the more controversial happenings under Dr Mahathir‘s leadership include removing of the veto power and the Royal immunity from prosecution. Before he took on this action, passing of any bill of law required royal consent but with what he took on, royal assent is considered legal after a 30 days period.
17.    Dr Mahathir was also known to be responsible for the removal of Tun Salleh Abas, the Lord President of the Supreme Court together with 3 other Supreme Court Justices prior to the investigation of misconduct hearing of Umno, the party that he is also the president.
18.    Dr Mahathir announced his resignation from UMNO on 19 May 2008.
19.    For his efforts to promote the economic development of the country, Dr Mahathir has been granted the soubriquet of Bapa Pemodenan (Father of Modernization)
20.    Dr Mahathir ‘s official residence, Sri Perdana, where he resided from 23 August 1983 to 18 October 1999, was turned into a museum (Galeria Sri Perdana).
21.    During his administration, Dr Mahathir was considered to be one of Asia’s most influential leaders. He is also noted in the Western world as an outspoken critic of Western-style
22.    Mahathirism is a pejorative term used by Malaysians to describe the policies and methods used by Dr Mahathir to maintain his political power. Mahathirism has been critically defined as a “Machiavellian ploy to exploit race and religion for financial gain and power.”
23.    During this period, Dr Mahathir embarked on various large scale national projects, such as:
i.               The North-South Highway, which has cut transport times in half on the west coast of Malaysia;
ii.             The Multimedia Super Corridor, a flagship project based on Silicon Valley designed to enable Malaysia’s foray into Information Technology (it includes Malaysia’s new administrative capital Putrajaya,
iii.            Port of Tanjung Pelepas
iv.           The glittering Kuala Lumpur Internatinal Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, and an adjacent Formula One circuit;
v.            The Bakun Dam, meant to supply all of the electricity needs of the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak and which has enough capacity to enable exportation of power to Brunei. The project has since run into various difficulties and controversies, leading to at first, its cancellation and then its revival as a greatly scaled down project.
vi.           Olympic-class stadium in Bukit Jalil; and
vii.         The Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world, and the world’s tallest building from 1997 to 2003, that have become symbolic of modern Malaysia.
24.    In May 2008, Dr Mahathir started a blog under his old pseudonym ‘Che Det’, which reached a million visitors within the span of one month, and nearing 20 million hits just a bit over a year after his first posting.
25.    Dr Mahathir has also ventured into a bakery business with a Japanese partner. Together they established a Japanese-style bakery and bistro outlet called “The Loaf“. As of October 2007, there are two outlets in Malaysia, one in Langkawi and one in Kuala Lumpur.
26.    In 1997, the Chairman of the King Faisal International Prize Committee Prince Khaled Al-Faisal presented the King Faisal International Prize for service to Islam was awarded to Dr. Mahathir for his distinguished services to Muslims all over the world as well as in his own country.
27.    In 2007, Banda Aceh – Syiah Kuala (Unsyiah) University awarded an honorary doctorate to Dr. Mahathir for his leadership and economic development concept.
28.    In 1998, the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) awarded the ASOCIO IT Award 1998 to Dr. Mahathir, marking the first time this award was bestowed upon a Prime Minister of any country. Dr. Mahathir was given the award in recognition of his “significant contribution” to the development of the IT industry in Malaysia as well as through the Multimedia Super Corridor initiative.
29.    The International Medical University (IMU) bestowed an on Dr Mahathir on 19 August 2009 at the university’s campus in Bukit Jalil. This award was given in recognition of his enormous and invaluable contribution to the country.
30.    Dr Mahathir was awarded the inaugural BrandLaureate Hall of Fame Award 2008 for his efforts in putting the country on the world map.
31.    Dr Mahathir was conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Humanity by Lim Kok Wing University in 2009.

32.    In 2003, President Vladimir Putin of Russia bestowed the Orden Drusby (Order of Friendship), the highest state award of Russia, on Dr Mahathir for his effort in strengthening bilateral relations.
33.    Dr Mahathir’s book Selected Letters to World Leaders was voted the most popular book under the non-fiction category in the Popular-The Star Readers’ Choice Awards
34.    Dr Mahathir was conferred “Tokoh Takaful Award” at the Malaysian Takaful Association inaugural Dinner and Awards Nite 2009 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the takaful industry
35. Books by Tun Dr Mahathir
i.         The Malay Dilemma (1970)
ii.        The Challenge, (1986)
iii.      Regionalism, Globalism, and Spheres of Influence: ASEAN and the Challenge of Change into the 21st Century (1989
iv.           The Pacific Rim in the 21st century, (1995)
v.            The Challenges of Turmoil, (1998)
vi.           The Way Forward, (1998)
vii.         A New Deal for Asia, (1999)
viii.        Islam & The Muslim Ummah, (2001)
ix.           Globalisation and the New Realities (2002)
x.             Reflections on Asia, (2002
xi.           The Malaysian Currency Crisis: How and why it Happened,(2003)
xii.          Achieving True Globalization, (2004)
xiii.        Islam, Knowledge, and Other Affairs, (2006)
xiv.       Principles of Public Administration: An Introduction, (2007)
xv. Blog Merentasi Halangan (Bilingual), (2008)
“MAMAK” a term (derived from a TAMIL word meaning UNCLE) used in Malaysia to describe the Tamil Muslim community (Wikipedia)

Petrus Hansen said...

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November 3, 2010 at 1:58 AM
Wan.Fatimah said...


Tun Mahathri ini adalah keling paria daripada Kerala tak heranlah bila dia khianat Melayu. Yang kita herannya ialah apabila Melayu bodoh kita ini yang sayangkan dia. Tun paria ini hapuskan DEB, tapi Melayu bodoh tepuk tangan. Tun paria ini hapuskan akta pelajaran 1961 untuk Melayu dan dia gantikannya dengan akta pendidikan 1996 yang pro-bukan Melayu, Melayu bodoh tepuk tagan. Tun paria ini ketepikan Bahasa Melayu dan dia promosikan bahasa-bahasa Cina, Tamil dan Inggeris dalam sistem pelajaran kita, Melayu bodoh tepuk tangan. Tun paria ini kurangkan kemasukan Melayu-Islam daripada Indonesia ke Malaysia dengan menggantikannya dengan membawa masuk Cina, India, Nepal, Vietnem yang kafir ke Malaysia, Melayu bodoh tepuk tangan. Tun paria mendaratkan minyak petrol dalam kawasan Kelantan kepada Siam, Melayu bodoh tepuk tangan. Si Paria ni buat apapun Melayu bodoh tetap tepuk tangan.

Anwar adalah paria Freemason, tapi Mahathir inipun adalah paria Freemason juga - kedua-dua paria ini adalah ditepuk tangankan oleh Melayu bodoh kita ini. Jangan lupa, Pak Lah dan menantunya Khairi adalah juga paria Freemason, Najib sahaja Melayu Freemason. Sesiapa sahaja yang jadi ahli Freemason ini hukumnya adalah kafir!

Masalah kita yang sebenarnya kini bukanlah kerana UMNO kafir ataupun PAS kafir, bukan kerana bergabung dengan MCA ataupun DAP, masalah kita ialah kerana kita kini berada di bawah penjajahan Yahudi, kerajaan kita ini adalah kafir mengikut hukum al-Quran kerana peraturan dan undang-undangnya adalah ciptaan manusia, UMNO dan PAS adalah kafir kepunyaan Yahudi, para pemimpin kita baik BN mahupun PR adalah agen-agen Yahudi, Raja-Raja Melayu kita ini juga adalah ahli-ahli Freemason yang menjadi talibarut Yahudi.

Tun Razak di bunuh oleh Yahudi kerana dia mewujudkan DEB, dasar Pelajaran yang pro-Melayu, memertabatkan Bahasa Melayu dan bawa masuk Melayu daripada Indonesia. Melayu bodoh kekal bodoh dan sombong sama seperti Melayu pada zaman kemasukan British dahulu yang menggadai bangsa, negara dan tanah air!

Che Det paria ini banyak sangat dah sabotaj Melayu dan Islam, dah boleh difatwakan sebagai orang yang memerangi Allah dan Rasul-Nya yang boleh dihukumkan ke atasnya apa jua hukuman mengikut hukum Allah.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.

Wan Fatimah al-Halbani

March 7, 2011 at 9:51 PM
surecorrect said...

Wan Fatimah al-Halbani..,

Awak memang betina bangang..! Kalau Mahathir tu Keling Paria, mana boleh puak Freemason nak ambil dia sebagai ahli mereka..? Puak Freemason hanya recruit mereka yang elite, berpengaruh, kaya-raya & berkuasa dalam negara atau bidang masing-masing.

Kalau si Mahathir itu mula-asal adalah Keling Paria.., maka puak Freemason takkan hingin nak menjadikan dia sebagai ahli kumpulan mereka sejak dahulu-kala. Siapa yang suka sangat kepada jenis paria..?

Awak banyak kata bahawa dia tu & dia ni adalah Freemason. Mahathir pula adalah ahli Freemason diperingkat degree yang ke berapa..? Tun Razak, Pah Lah, Najib, Anwar Ibrahim dan sebagainya adalah Freemason degree yang ke berapa pula..? Dan.., mereka pula adalah ahli dibawah Freemason Lodge yang mana pulak dimana mereka bernaung..?

Kalau awak tak boleh menjawab persoalan yang asas ini.., maka awak adalah jenis betina kaki-kelentong yang hanya pandai melalak kosong.

Juga.., adakah Dr. Fuad (pengasas parti PAS), Datuk Asri, Nik Aziz dari parti PAS.., adalah juga menjadi ahli ahli Freemason..? Cuba terangkan sikit. Adakah awak sedar bahawa puak Freemason telah juga menembusi & meresapi kedalam pergerakan Ikhwan Muslimin (Brotherhood of Islam) di Utara Afrika sejak puluhan tahun dulu. Maka.., adakah Hassan Al-Bana, Syed Qutb, Osama bin Laden, Al-Zawahri serta pengikut mereka juga menjadi ahli Freemason..?

Apa pula kaitan Freemason dengan Illuminati, Zionists, Globalists, Dajjal dan sebagainya..?

Maka.., sebelum awak perbodohkan orang lain dengan 'kisah kencing' awak tu.., lebih baik awak buktikan segala tohmahan awak dengan fakta bukti yang nyata. Kalau awak tidak boleh berbuat demikian.., maka Keling Botol & Keling Paria adalah lebih berakal daripada awak..! Ada Paham..!?

Sekian.., Wassalam.

June 19, 2012 at 9:58 AM
Salahuddin said...

hmm.. Wahai manusia, Jenis manusia pariah, keling, freemason semua ni ade la ciptaan manusia tolol seperti awak.Allah hanya menciptakan manusia tanpe jenis cuma lain warna kulit ,tinggi rendah dsb. Menghina sesama manusia adeela h seperti manghina ciptaan Tuhan. specially bila org yg kita hina tu adela Islam.Buruk baik seseorang tu cuma ALLAH yg tahu bukan kamu utk mengukum.
Kalo tak der Tun Mahathir, Malaysia akan tetap seperti Melayu Indonesia, yg masih tidak bertamadun.Negara tetap tidak akan berkembang. Tidak akan di pandang tinggi oleh negara lain. Mereka tetap akan ingan org Malaysia masih dok atas pokok, guan sumpit utk memburu dsb... Bersyukur la atas kejayaan Tun yg di berkati Allah SWT utk org org Malaysia bukan Melayu semata mata.

March 11, 2013 at 8:26 PM
Mani Maran said...

Fully agree with ur comment. No one is higher in God's creation. The man embodied his whole life for selfless service is dear to God than a man who pray everyday yet condemning others.

May 12, 2013 at 9:15 PM
Mani Maran said...

Fully agree with ur comment. No one is higher in God's creation. The man embodied his whole life for selfless service is dear to God than a man who pray everyday yet condemning others.

May 12, 2013 at 9:16 PM
Mike Fonf said...

\\\\tun mamak dah kayaraya .tapi kroni kroni pun kaya itulah melayu sokong mamak .tun mamaktir bagi semua peluang kepada melayu ,,,,baru le tun mamak boleh jadi PM selama lama ...

June 2, 2014 at 8:04 AM
Mike Fonf said...

tun mamaktir bagi madu kat melayu supaya tun mamak boleh control sampai hari ni sebab tun mamak ajar rasuah [[[yuran penasihat ]],,,tun mamak racist cina sebab tun pernah kena jolok kat cina puki ,,..,..cina bijak di rasiist sampai hospital.,., sistem pendidikan....sampai kejuteraan pun tak ada cina

June 2, 2014 at 8:11 AM
ocj2020 said...

Melayu telah di kaburi oleh madu mamak...suap madu hingga menindas bangsa lain...gara2 ketamakan mamak...mamak tu menukar nama india ke nama bumiputera....siape pula berani komen????

June 4, 2014 at 6:20 PM
ocj2020 said...

Melayu telah di kaburi oleh madu mamak...suap madu hingga menindas bangsa lain...gara2 ketamakan mamak...mamak tu menukar nama india ke nama bumiputera....siape pula berani komen????

June 4, 2014 at 6:20 PM
alisya abie said...

ibu tun keturunan wan .. so wan fatimah al habini al palabana lebih pariah dari yun ...

April 25, 2016 at 5:54 AM
sarves chanthiran said...

Such a racist bastards!! Agak hairan mcam ne ada orang melayu boleh jadi kawan karib dngan india dan cina,ada yg jadi racist mcam uncivilized people! Berubah jadi orang yg bertamadun! Suka panggil orang keling!! What if we call you guys 'pelari'?? Sakit kan?? Refer to historh before blame anyone! This land belongs to orng asli! Adakah anda semua tahu? Ataupun merahsiakan? Patutlah sejarah pun boleh tukar dlam buku teks sekolah! Asyik ungitkan masalah kaum!! Apa yg korang dpat sngat dngan menegakkan kaum sendiri dan menghinakan sngat kaum lain! Bangsat btol la wei korang ni! Lebih baik british jajah balik negara ni! Habe mane nak korang tunjuk sngat korang punya racist ni! Be open minded sikit! Xde orng kat dunia ni dipandang rendah oleh tuhan kat atas situ! All are one! Semua manusia jgak!

June 12, 2016 at 9:44 PM
Unknown said...

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March 5, 2017 at 1:37 AM
Mat Sabu The Best said...

Memang Mahathir dah hancurkan perpaduan rakyat kerana nak berjaya dlm politik. Sepatutnya Tunku masukkan semua seterunya dlm lokap. Sekarang semua pemimpin2 UMNO sibuk dgn satu bebda sahaja iaitu kerja menyamun kerana kutty ini.

April 6, 2017 at 3:37 AM
Artanti Tanti said...

Assalamu alaikum warohmatullahi wabarakatu.
Saya ingin berbagi cerita siapa tau bermanfaat kepada anda bahwa saya ini seorang TKI dari johor bahru (malaysia) dan secara tidak sengaja saya buka internet dan saya melihat komentar bpk hilary joseph yg dari hongkong tentan Mbah Suro yg telah membantu dia menjadi sukses. dan akhirnya saya juga mencoba menghubungi beliau dan alhamdulillah beliau mau membantu saya untuk memberikan nomer toto 6D dr hasil ritual beliau. dan alhamdulillah itu betul-betul terbukti tembus dan menang RM.457.000 Ringgit selama 3X putaran beliau membantu saya, saya tidak menyanka kalau saya sudah bisa sesukses ini. dan ini semua berkat bantuan Mbah Suro,saya yang dulunya bukan siapa-siapa bahkan saya juga selalu dihina orang. dan alhamdulillah kini sekarang saya sudah punya segalanya,itu semua atas bantuan beliau.Saya sangat berterimakasih banyak kepada Mbah Suro atas bantuan nomer togel Nya.
Bagi anda yg butuh nomer togel mulai (3D/4D/5D/6D) jangan ragu atau maluh segera hubungi Mbah Suro di hendpone (+6282354640471) insya allah beliau akan membantu anda seperti saya...

August 1, 2017 at 5:10 PM
Nicyoong said...

Iskandar is Mahathir's grandfather. His name is Mahathir bin Mohamad and his father's name Mohamad bin Iskandar (Kutty, but I'm not sure if the Kutty is indeed there)

August 3, 2017 at 2:22 AM

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