Only Umno-BN can deliver: True or False? You decide

"Only Umno/BN can deliver." Have we not heard enough of this? Exactly what did Umno/BN deliver? If it has delivered whatever it claims to have done, why is there the need to spend millions of the rakyat’s money on rhetoric propaganda and slogans? It is obvious that the purpose is to patch the image of Umno/BN, especially the PM’s.

If the party has delivered, should not the rakyat be happy and will they not vote BN into power again? Instead, we find that the rakyat are crying for change.

Why are Umno/BN and the PM so worried about Pakatan Rakyat's rise, so much so that they are continuously demonising Pakatan and using Umno’s controlled multi-media blatantly to help them?
A good government continues with its daily task of good governance and does not indulge in politicking every day to defend its position.

I suppose the Umno/BN government is claiming delivery of development such as more schools, infrastructure and utilities which rightly should be the duty of any ruling government to provide.

Yes, I admit that Umno/BN does deliver but look at the quality and the ballooning costs. Can our graduates compete with those outside the country? Are there sufficient classrooms to cater for the increasing number of students? Why are there losses of billions through leakages and corruption in connection with on the so-called development projects?

We have great highways and by-ways with tolls that increase in tandem with the increase in the number of cars on the road. We are an oil-producing nation but our petrol prices have to follow world market pricing. What kind of deliveries are these?

Are our institutions performing righteously, fairly and with integrity? Is the delivery system of these institutions following the constitution and rule of law or are they according to the whims and fancies of Umno/BN? Is detention without trial or death in custody part of its delivery system?

What kind of delivery is Umno/BN talking about when the Prime Minister will not go for an open debate with the opposition leader in explaining his economic plans or important national issues to the rakyat?
What the rakyat today want is to see true delivery in shape and form and not just hear propaganda and slogans.

If the PM's claim that 'Only Umno/BN can deliver' is true, why then is our country still in such dire straits and why did not become a developed nation decades back?
Umno/BN claim that only they can deliver but it is up to the rakyat to judge whether the delivery is acceptable or not.

Fifty-four years is a very long time for one coalition to rule this nation. We cannot simply believe that slogan 'Only Umno/BN can deliver'.

We need to move forward and give others a chance to prove their worth. We do need CHANGE and we should allow Pakatan Rakyat to form the next Federal Government for only then can we judge whether the promise of their 100-day programme can be fulfilled.

Please make your sentiments know. Do you believe that Only Umno/BN Can Deliver:


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