Fitnah Video Seks Terbaru: Papa Gomo Di Saman RM100Juta

Pasukan peguam DS Anwar Ibrahim telah memfailkan Saman Fitnah berjumlah RM100 juta terhadap blogger umno Papa Gomo atau nama sebenarnya Wan Muhammad Azri bin Wan Deris. Ini berikutan fitnah video seks terbaru yang dikaitkan dengan Ketua Pembangkang yang disiarkan didalam website yang dikendalikan oleh papa gomo. 

Pada16 marc 2013 website tersebut telah menyiarkan gambar palsu yang kononnya melibatkan DSAI dengan sekandal seks sama jenis. sebelum ini Papa gomo telah beberapa kali menghadapi saman atas fitnah yang telah dilakukannya pada beberapa pihak serta individu.

PRESS RELEASE: Anwar sues UMNO-linked blogger Papa Gomo over latest fake sex video allegations 

Federal opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has today commenced legal proceedings against one Wan Muhammad Azri b Wan Deris who is the owner/operator of the Umno-linked website known as " Papa Gomo ". On 16th March 2013, the Papa Gomo website published fake photos and vicious allegations against Datuk Seri Anwar in an attempt to implicate him in another fabricated sex video. The faking and distribution of photos and false allegations of a sexual nature against Anwar has become a trademark of the gutter politics practised by Umno and its bloggers. 

The blogger Papa Gomo is notorious for his close and confidential ties with the Umno leadership, including Umno Vice President Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. In December 2011, the blogger was even allowed privileged access to KD Tun Razak, which is one of our Navy's newest and most advanced submarine, during a controversy between BN and PR on defence capabilities. 

The hidden hand of Umno is thus clearly present behind this latest disgusting attack upon the character and reputation of the leader of Pakatan Rakyat. Umno' s heavy reliance upon this type of sleazy politics and dubious bloggers highlights their utter moral and ethical collapse. It proves Umno-BN's complete unfitness to continue to rule and administer our nation. 

In the letter of demand sent today, Anwar's solicitors have demanded that the blogger Papa Gomo withdraw his malicious allegations, apologize within 48 hours from today, and pay damages in the sum of RM 100 million. The sum of damages demanded reflects the blogger's close ties with Umno amd Umno's clear backing for him. 

Issued by,

19 March 2013


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